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Delta Nu Sorority

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Events and activities scheduled for the DELTA NU sorority


Jan-Feb 2005 Delta Nu Official supported Project is
The Letters From Home Program

We respectfully request all the Delt Nu sisters to please send in their autograph pictures, and / or stamps to help support the Letters From Home program.

For all information visit


Project Coordinator Yvette Parrish

March 2005 Project - Children's Center of Southwest Missouri 

The Children's Center is a not-for-profit agency, which serves southwest Missouri children who are severely physically abused or sexually abused. Facilities are located in Joplin, Monett, Pierce City and Nevada, Missouri.

The mission of the Children's Center is to reduce the trauma of children who have been abused by facilitating a multi-disciplinary response.

NEW stuffed animals, crayons, coloring books, children's books, NEW BLANK unwrapped videocassette and audiocassette tapes for the Children's Center of Joplin Missouri. Each child that comes to the center receives a stuffed animal.  The tapes are used to document the sessions with the children for the local police and prosecution.  A minimum of 3 video and 3 audiotapes are used for each child.  The center will also accept checks which can be made payable to "Children's Center of Southwest Missouri."

Donated items which can routinely be used:

* individually packaged snacks & juice

* crayons, coloring books, children's books

* stuffed animals - new

* VHS video tapes - sealed/unopened

* Audio tapes - sealed/unopened

Contact Organizer A.L.Chubb

April 2005 Project- Cookson Hills (

 The child care program at Cookson Hills Christian Ministries was founded to minister to children and families in need of out-of-home long term care.  The center serves children from across the United States.  The currently have 105 children placed at the facility.  Five of them are a family of brothers and sisters that were sent there one year ago after their father killed their mother then killed himself.  The youngest of the five is now 18 months old.

Cookson Hills Christian Ministries has been serving the needs of Children since 1957 by providing a quality, home living environment and an excellent Christian education. We see each child as an individual and work together with the parents and the courts if necessary to provide the very best structure possible.

Cookson Hills provides homes for children from ages birth through 18 or graduation from high school. Older Children (12 and over) must realize their need for placement as perceived by their parents or the court. They must be willing to cooperate as a part of our program.  Placement is expected to last at least two years.

The cost of child care is largely underwritten by supporting churches, individuals and organizations. However, it is not our intention to remove the entire financial responsibility from the parents. Placement is never contingent on the parent's ability to pay for services.

Cookson Hills is licensed by the state of Oklahoma as a "Residential Child Care Facility" with both Group Care and Foster Care available. Professional Memberships are held with the Oklahoma Association of Children's Institutions and Agencies, Southwestern Association of Executives of Homes for Children, and the Association of Christian Children's Home.

Specialty Needs

Folding chairs

Microscopes for science class


Portable choir risers

Portable horse panels

Calculators (TI30X IIS) or

Casio Solar Scientific

TV, VCR & DVD for Horse


General horse tack (saddles, bridles,

halters, leading ropes, etc

School Supplies

HP inkjet cartridges #15, #45 & #23

Bean Bag chairs

File folders

Stikki clips

Art supplies (call for details)

Dry erase markers (large ones)

Mechanical pencils

Computer headphones

Broad tip permanent markers

Transparent tape (for 1" dispenser)

Fade-proof construction paper

Contact paper

Transparency film for copiers

Batteries (all sizes)


Electric pencil sharpeners

Zippered pencil bags for 3-ring binders

Reusable cold packs (flexible)

Ink-Jet photo paper (8 1/2 x 11)

Tag board/poster board

College rule notebooks

Clothing Store Items

Men's & boy's underwear (14-36)

Women's & girl's socks

Men's t-shirts

Shampoo & conditioner

Adult toothbrushes (soft & med.)


Dental floss

Standard size pillows

Twin size sheets & comforters

Bath towels and wash cloths

Shaving cream

Bar soap

Maternity clothing

Office Supplies

Rewritable CD]'s
Floppy disks (3 1/2&#8221;)

Iomega 250MB zip disks

Digital 8 and VHS video tapes

Copy paper (8 1/2 x 11)

Self-adhesive Velcro

Scotch tape

Contact Organizer A.L.Chubb


This event is supported by Angela Howell Founder of Delta Nu

Angela Howell Founder * USA *